I have been at uni a month today.

So a month today I was just getting my stuff loaded into the car ready to start my journey back to southampton for the start of year two.

I can’t actually believe it has only been a month. So much has happened within it and I think I have grown up within that month, that short amount of time has changed me, from all the stress and issue that were injected into my life have slowed down and changed…

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Fact File: Clouded Leopard


The clouded leopard… named from its beautifully marked fur, they blendin to its Asian rainforest and mountain home. Sadly these amazing unique cats are becoming increasingly endangered.

The clouded leopard is more active during the night, and with them being extremely agile they hide out in trees watching and waiting for unsuspected prey to wonder beneath it. They also use trees as resting homes…

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sometime in the future

old me: ah yes I remember the Great Skeleton War of 2014.

grandchildren: grandma that never happened.

old me: it was a long war.

grandchildren: grandma please stop we've talked about this.

old me: the only way to end it was to make a treaty with the skeletons.

grandchildren: grandma

old Me: and that's why humans have skeletons inside them.

grandchildren: gRANDMA PLEASE